segunda-feira, março 23, 2009

before the world ends

Seems story
fairy tale
and nowadays it does not happens
but who knows...

seems illusion
I am half silly
but was fault of your chest
that kept me too strong

feeling black
you came to me
with boyish smile
and I was tattooed by you

I tried
Have a place in the world
You kissed me
impossible not to have been like this

you make me feel brand new
change my endless night
playing of Romeo and Juliet
don’t let this story just for me

I just wanna see you
I just wanna have you
I will not forget you
before the world ends

try to teach me to destroy the world
'coz my nights never ends
'coz my world never changes
'coz I just wanna be in arms
'coz I wanna be yours tonight

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